Probably the most important thing to look for men when buying a some men cashmere is to know what material is made from. Especially during colder time, it is essential to find a material that will keep you warm and make your skin satisfied. Cashmere softness is not a secret anymore.

Extenxe Cashmere propose 100% men cashmere sweater that will make winter too short. We’ve selected the best fiber to make you realize a long and quality investment.

You can find a wide range of size (see size guide) and latest design from our french and European designers. The size of your sweater will be a key factor on how it will look on you. Any men Cashmere sweater requires special care to last (see advise for cashmere care). However, contrary to other wool products, it will not shrink with time and will feet you for years.

Cashmere is a timeless material that will match a lot of clothes already in your possession.

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    Show all 9 Result


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