Cashemere natural fiber

What is Cashmere?

The name cashmere is from an old spelling of Kashmir, the region where products and trade originally as early as the Mongolian empire in the 13th-14th century. Cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred and the great majority of globe’s cashmere is supplied by Inner Mongolia.

Why Cashmere pill?

Any knitwear pills including cotton, wool and cashmere. Pilling happens if shorter fibers are separated from the longer fibers in the yarn, then pilling cannot be avoided. Therefore, the finest of cashmere consist s of the longest fibers only.
The other hand, it needs to prevent rubbing from rough surfaces against your handbag or the desk as well.

If the cashmere can be treated by hand wash?

The answer is yes. Wash the article gently in warm water at a maximum temperature of 30℃. Lay it horizontally to dry, placing a white towel inside in order to absorb any excess water. Turn the article inside out before gently ironing with a steam iron.


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